Water Contamination

Increasingly, people around the country are finding that their well or municipal water has been contaminated with one or more harmful substances, or that harmful substances have migrated onto their property. This scenario can cause devastating impacts for homeowners, residents, and families. If you have been exposed to hazardous substances, or contamination has migrated onto your property, we may be able to help.

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has successfully represented thousands of individuals complaining of environmental contamination emitted from landfills, compost facilities, rendering plants, paint shops, oil refineries, cement manufacturers, steel factories, industrial waste processors, factories and other industrial facilities.

We are currently representing victims of Parchment's PFAS water contamination crisis. We are experienced with the legal and technical issues faced by victims of these emerging contaminants.

Due to our unique experience in  environmental contamination cases, we have successfully represented thousands of clients in numerous states and jurisdictions. If you would like more information regarding known or potential water contamination, contact us for a free case review and to learn about your litigation options.

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