Water Contamination

Increasingly, people around the country are finding that their well or municipal water has been contaminated with one or more harmful substances, or that harmful substances have migrated onto their property. This scenario can cause devastating impacts for homeowners, residents, and families.

If you have been exposed to hazardous substances, or contamination has migrated onto your property, Liddle & Dubin, PC may be able to help. For over 20 years, our environmental class action attorneys have been bringing together neighbors affected by pollutants and other hazards. Due to our unique experience in environmental contamination cases, we have represented tens of thousands of individuals throughout the United States in class action lawsuits. And we have successfully recovered more than one hundred million dollars on behalf of the class members we have represented.

Our recent work includes, for example, representing victims of the water contamination crisis in Parchment, Michigan, where toxic PFAS from paper mills appear to have leaked into groundwater wells and Parchment's municipal drinking water system. We are experienced with the legal and technical issues faced by victims of these emerging contaminants.

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