Air Pollution / Odors / Fugitive Dust

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has successfully represented thousands of individuals complaining of noxious odors, fallout, contaminated groundwater, fugitive dust, kisch, toxic gas, hazardous waste or air pollution emitted from landfills, compost facilities, rendering plants, paint shops, oil refineries, cement manufacturers, steel factories, industrial waste processors, factories, and other industrial facilities.

Due to our unique experience in this area, we have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout the United States. Because we typically file these cases as class action lawsuits, we are able to bring together many people affected by the same environmental pollution. Faced with a large number of claims, the polluter has to take us seriously.

Recovering Your Property Value and Health Concerns from Pollution

Typically, companies faced with angry neighbors complaining of contaminated groundwater, noxious odors, fallout pollution or some form of air pollution, claim that they are doing everything they can or suggest: "what did you expect, you live near a landfill or industrial facility?"

Liddle & Dubin's environmental class action attorneys have been extremely successful in rebutting such defenses by offering proof that the polluter is not using modern technology to abate the odors, fallout, or air pollution discharged by its facility. In prosecuting these claims, we are aware of our clients’ concerns regarding both their health and the resale value of their property.

We have not only recovered millions of dollars on behalf of neighbors complaining of such damages but, in almost all instances, have successfully required the defendant polluter to install the pollution abatement equipment necessary to reduce or eliminate the offensive odors, fallout, and/or air pollution.

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Class Actions.

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Liddle & Dubin is a class action law firm with a 20+ year history of stepping up to protect the rights of people against the misguided policies, illegal practices and egregious mistakes of companies and local governments.