Employment Problems

Unfortunately, employers often take advantage of their employees or fail to follow the law. We can help.

Liddle & Dubin, PC attorneys have represented numerous employees in employment disputes and are familiar with the protections provided by the law.

These protections include the ability to recover back wages, benefits, unpaid commissions, bonuses, and even reinstatement. In cases where reinstatement to your job position is not appropriate — often due to a hostile work environment — front pay or payment for future losses can also be awarded. Damages can also include failure to pay for sick leave, vacation time, health insurance, and reimbursement to the employee’s pension.

There are several areas of law that protect the rights of employees. Several of the biggest involve:

Illegal Use of Consumer Background Checks

We seek compensations for employees and job applicants who had background checks illegally used against them by an employer. Read More

Wage & Hour Employment

We fight for employees whose rights are being violated because of unpaid overtime or tips, unpaid breaks, improper deductions from salary, and other unlawful employer practices. Read More

Employment Discrimination

We protect the civil rights of employees to be free of discrimination based on characteristics like race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or disability. Read More

If you believe that you have been a victim of illegal practices by an employer, please contact us.

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Class Actions.

Together, We Make An Impact

Liddle & Dubin is a class action law firm with a 20+ year history of stepping up to protect the rights of people against the misguided policies, illegal practices and egregious mistakes of companies and local governments.