False Advertising and Mislabeling

Corporations frequently misrepresent the abilities or qualities of a product, the terms of a warranty, or an alleged discount or sales price. If these representations are untrue, a fraud upon the public has been committed for which compensation must be paid.

A good example is that consumers are often willing to pay more for an item based on representations that a product is “organic,” “all natural,” “made in the USA,” or with “premium ingredients.” When these representations turn out to be false or not entirely truthful, consumers who have purchased these products are victims of fraud and likely have a legal claim.

For over 20 years, Liddle & Dubin, PC has investigated illegal practices of companies and governments affecting large numbers of consumers. We bring affected consumers together in class action lawsuits, which allows them to hold large organizations accountable and get compensation for their losses.

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Liddle & Dubin is a class action law firm with a 20+ year history of stepping up to protect the rights of people against the misguided policies, illegal practices and egregious mistakes of companies and local governments.