Data Breach

Banking, buying, and even communicating with our doctors increasingly happens on the internet. Unfortunately, the prevalence of the internet for daily transactions has led to numerous instances when hackers get access to our personal information.

The vendors and organizations that receive your personal information online have legal obligations to safeguard or prevent the public release of your private information. This can include information regarding your credit card, finances, social security number, email addresses, phone numbers and personal medical records. For obvious reasons, the release of such information can be very damaging to a person’s finances or reputation.

If your private information has been compromised by a data breach, you can be compensated and, in many cases, a successful resolution can include payment for credit monitoring.

Because data breaches often involve a large number of people who might live throughout the country, class action attorneys are often important to help victims of a data breach get compensation.

For over 20 years, Liddle & Dubin, PC has used class actions to bring consumers and homeowners together to protect their rights. We have represented tens of thousands of individuals throughout the United States and have successfully recovered more than one hundred million dollars on behalf of the class members we have represented.

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