Billing Fraud

In today’s complex world, consumers receive hundreds of pages of bills, invoices, and receipts each year.

Due to the volume of these documents, it can be difficult to determine what portion of a bill is an illegal overcharge or an undisclosed fee.

These types of illegal charges have been issued by:

  • Mortgage and/or lending companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Utility companies
  • Cell and landline phone companies
  • All types of national companies including fees for big box stores, rental cars, hotels and transportation providers

When you discover billing fraud — or suspect it — you may not be alone. In fact, it can require investigation to determine if there has been fraud and if the fraud is widespread.

Through our consumer protection practice, Liddle & Dubin, PC investigates billing practices to uncover illegal overcharges and fees. We find out how many customers may have been affected and organize a group of class members to challenge the fees in court. We handle the legwork, seeking compensation for illegal charges that might not be worth fighting for on your own.

We welcome you to learn about our team and our decades of success representing thousands of consumers, homeowners, and others against large organizations.

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