Most attorneys will eventually be approached with a potential class action. As this issue infrequently arises, most attorneys are unfamiliar with the issues involved in litigating a class action. We can help. We have successfully litigated in excess of 100 class actions.

Many of our cases have been referred to us by other attorneys. We strongly believe that due to our prior experience we are much more likely to prevail on the Motion for Class Certification.

Why select Liddle & Dubin to be your Co-Counsel? We know Class Actions!

We are also often asked to act as co-counsel in various types of class actions.

We have acted as co-counsel in numerous class actions, including out of state litigation involving claims of sewage backups and flooding, neighborhood environmental contamination, including claims of noxious odors and/or fallout, fugitive dust and the release of toxic chemicals. We have also served as local counsel for various multi-district litigation in Michigan.

We honor all written referral agreements.

To inquire about a co-counsel agreement, contact Steve Liddle.

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