Noxious Odors / Fugitive Dust / Air Pollution

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has successfully represented thousands of individuals complaining of noxious odors, fallout, contaminated ground water, fugitive dust, kisch, toxic gas, hazardous waste or air pollution emitted from landfills, compost facilities, rendering plants, paint shops, oil refineries, cement manufacturers, steel factories, industrial waste processors, factories and other industrial facilities.

Typically, defendants faced with angry neighbors complaining of contaminated ground water, noxious odors, fallout pollution or some form of air pollution, claim that they are doing everything they can or suggest: ‘what did you expect, you live near a landfill or industrial facility?’

Liddle & Dubin has been extremely successful in rebutting such defenses by offering proof that the offending defendant is not utilizing modern technology to abate the odors, fallout or air pollution discharged by its facility. In prosecuting these claims, we are aware of the plaintiffs’ concerns regarding both their health and the resale value of their property.

We have not only recovered millions of dollars on behalf of neighbors complaining of such damages but, in almost all instances, have successfully required the defendant to install the pollution abatement equipment necessary to reduce or eliminate the offensive odors, fallout and/or air pollution.

Due to our unique experience in this area, we have successfully represented thousands of clients in numerous states and jurisdictions. If you would like more information regarding a discharge of noxious odors, fallout, or air pollution, contact us for a free case review and to learn about your litigation options.

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