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Air Pollution / Odors / Fugitive Dust

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has successfully represented thousands of individuals complaining of noxious odors, fallout, contaminated ground water, fugitive dust, kisch, toxic gas, hazardous waste or air pollution emitted from landfills, compost faciliti… Read More

Sewage Backup and Flooding

Liddle & Dubin, PC has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of thousands of clients claiming damages as a result of a sewage backup or flooding event. Due to our experience in handling claims arising from a sewage backup, we are i… Read More

Water Contamination

Increasingly, people around the country are finding that their well or municipal water has been contaminated with one or more harmful substances, or that harmful substances have migrated onto their property. This scenario can cause devastating impact… Read More

Consumer Protection

Consumer fraud comes in numerous forms and has been estimated to cost citizens of the United States billions of dollars each year. With the rise of national chains or large businesses, it has become very difficult for a victim of consumer fraud to re… Read More

Defective Products

Each year thousands of defective products are sold to the public. These products are often recalled due to various defects. A product is defective if it malfunctions or fails to perform the purpose for which it was intended. A defect can be related t… Read More

False Advertising and Mislabeling

Corporations frequently misrepresent the abilities or qualities of a product, the terms of a warranty or an alleged discount or sales price. If these representations are untrue, a fraud upon the public has been committed for which compensation must b… Read More

Billing Fraud

In today’s complex world, consumers receive hundreds of pages of bills, invoices, and receipts each year. Due to the volume of these documents, it can be difficult to determine what portion of a bill is an illegal overcharge or an undisclosed fee.… Read More

Robocalls, Robofaxes or Robotexts

If you or your office have been inundated with robocalls, robofaxes or robotexts, Liddle & Dubin, P.C. can help. Many individuals and businesses are increasingly finding themselves on the receiving end of automatic dialing systems that inundate t… Read More

Data Breach

As we know, with the prevalence of the internet and the automated accumulation of information, there have been numerous instances where the holders of that information allowed a hacker access which resulted in the release of various forms of personal… Read More

Fair Debt Collection Practices

The Fair Debt Collection Practices regulates the behavior of individuals or entities acting as a debt collector as it relates to the collection of a debt. In general, a debt collector cannot engage in harassment or excessive conduct in order to colle… Read More

Undisclosed or Illegal Bank Fees

Banks have, in many instances, charged their clients excessive, illegal or undisclosed fees including: Illegal accounting to maximize overdraft fees Excessive fees for use of an ATM or use of the consumer’s own account. Call (800) 536-0045 or compl… Read More

Employment Problems

Unfortunately, employers often take advantage of their employees or fail to follow the law. We can help. We have represented numerous employees in employment disputes and are familiar with the protections provided by the law. These protections includ… Read More

Wage & Hour Employment

Unfortunately, employees are taken advantage of by their employers in numerous ways every day. Examples of this include failing to pay overtime and requiring that certain work be performed “off the clock.” Fortunately, there are laws enacted to p… Read More

Employment Discrimination

There are few ideas more American than the protection of civil rights. As it relates to employment, this means that employees have basic civil rights that cannot be violated. Specifically, both federal and state law prohibit employment discrimination… Read More

Illegal Use of Consumer Background Checks

To protect the privacy of employees, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted to regulate the conduct of employers when running background checks on current or potential employees. Although employers are permitted to perform a background check, they… Read More


Most attorneys will eventually be approached with a potential class action. As this issue infrequently arises, most attorneys are unfamiliar with the issues involved in litigating a class action. We can help. We have successfully litigated in excess… Read More

Environmental Class Actions

The class action attorneys of Liddle & Dubin, PC have represented tens of thousands of individuals in class actions involving a variety of environmental contamination — including air pollution, noxious odors, fugitive dust, sewage backup or flo… Read More

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