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Air Pollution / Noxious Odors / Fugitive Dust

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has successfully represented thousands of individuals complaining of noxious odors, fallout, contaminated ground water, fugitive dust, kisch, toxic gas, hazardous waste or air pollution emitted from landfills, compost faciliti… Read More

Sewage Backup and Flooding

Liddle & Dubin, PC has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of thousands of clients claiming damages as a result of a sewage backup or flooding event. Due to our experience in handling claims arising from a sewage backup, we are i… Read More

Consumer Protection

Liddle & Dubin, PC, has helped thousands of individuals recover damages arising from corporate fraud and illegal charges, taxes or fees. In a society where a large corporate defendant can in many instances dictate terms to millions of consumers,… Read More

Water Contamination

Increasingly, people around the country are finding that their well or municipal water has been contaminated with one or more harmful substances, or that harmful substances have migrated onto their property. This scenario can cause devastating impact… Read More


Most attorneys will eventually be approached with a potential class action. As this issue infrequently arises, most attorneys are unfamiliar with the issues involved in litigating a class action. We can help. We have successfully litigated in excess… Read More

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