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For over 20 years, Liddle & Dubin, PC has fought for the rights of individual citizens against wrongdoing by large companies and organizations. We've represented tens of thousands of individuals, recovered more than one hundred million dollars, and righted the wrongs that brought our class members together.

We have been pioneers in using the class action lawsuit to unite individual consumers, homeowners, employees and others in legal actions that protect their rights at no cost to them. Based in Michigan, we serve clients throughout the nation by partnering with local co-counsel for cases outside our home state.

Learn more below about types of cases we take. We welcome you to contact Liddle & Dubin for a free consultation regarding your situation and how we can help.

Environmental Class Actions

The class action attorneys of Liddle & Dubin, PC have represented tens of thousands of individuals in class actions involving a variety of environmental contamination — including air pollution, noxious odors, fugitive dust, sewage backup or flo… Read More

Air Pollution / Odors / Fugitive Dust

We work with victims of noxious odors, fallout, dust, toxic gas, hazardous waste or air pollution from landfills and compost facilities, factories, and other industrial facilities. Read More

Sewage Backup and Flooding

We help victims of flooding and sewage backups caused by neglect of governmental officials in operating wastewater treatment plants and governmental sewage systems. Read More

Water Contamination

We represent homeowners and residents whose wells, municipal water, or property have been contaminated by harmful substances. Read More

Consumer Protection

Consumer fraud comes in many forms and has been estimated to cost citizens of the United States billions of dollars each year. With the rise of national chains or large businesses, it has become very difficult for a victim of consumer fraud to resolv… Read More

Undisclosed or Illegal Bank Fees

We investigate undisclosed or illegal bank fees and bring together account holders to stop the bank and get compensation for our clients' losses. Read More

Billing Fraud

We organize and seek compensation for customers who have been affected by illegal overcharges and fees by companies ranging from mortgage lenders to cell phone providers to big box stores. Read More

Data Breach

We seek compensation for groups of consumers whose private information has been leaked by a data breach. Read More

Debt Collector Harassment

We investigate unfair debt collection practices and hold collection agencies accountable to the full extent of the law. Read More

Defective Products

When a product is defective, we work to get extended warranties, refunds, money for the cost of repair, or removal of a dangerous product from the public domain. Read More

False Advertising and Mislabeling

We sue companies when customers have been misled by false advertising into buying a product that isn't what the company says it is. Read More

Robocalls, Robofaxes and Robotexts

We enforce consumers' rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, seeking compensation for unwanted robocalls, robofaxes and robotexts. Read More

Employment Problems

Unfortunately, employers often take advantage of their employees or fail to follow the law. We can help. Liddle & Dubin, PC attorneys have represented numerous employees in employment disputes and are familiar with the protections provided by the… Read More

Illegal Use of Consumer Background Checks

We seek compensations for employees and job applicants who had background checks illegally used against them by an employer. Read More

Employment Discrimination

We protect the civil rights of employees to be free of discrimination based on characteristics like race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or disability. Read More

Wage & Hour Employment

We fight for employees whose rights are being violated because of unpaid overtime or tips, unpaid breaks, improper deductions from salary, and other unlawful employer practices. Read More

Class Actions.

Together, We Make An Impact

Liddle & Dubin is a class action law firm with a 20+ year history of stepping up to protect the rights of people against the misguided policies, illegal practices and egregious mistakes of companies and local governments.