Dearborn Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Following Sewage Backups

Over 200 Dearborn residents suffered property damage as a result of sewage backups that occurred in July 2013

Detroit, MI – Liddle & Dubin, P.C., an experienced environmental class action law firm, is announcing important information for Dearborn sewage backup victims.

A group of Dearborn residents damaged by sewage backups that occurred in July of 2013 have hired the law firm of Liddle & Dubin, P.C. to file a class action lawsuit against the City of Dearborn on their behalf and on behalf of all other residents damaged by the flooding.

The Complaint, filed last week in Wayne County Circuit Court, alleges that hundreds of Dearborn basements became a repository for raw, untreated sewage backups as a result of a defect in the city’s sewer system on July 8-9th and 15th. The flooding occurred following some rainfall within the city. However, the preliminary evidence indicates that the city’s sewer system should have been able to handle the amount of water that fell during that period without causing sewer backups.

Following the sewage backups, the city was inundated with hundreds of calls from affected residents. Residents have documented anywhere from several inches to several feet of raw sewage entering their homes. Unsurprisingly, many people reported significant damage to their personal property and damage to their home as well. People with finished basements were especially hard hit with damage reported to the walls and flooring.

According to several residents, the City has offered settlement packages to some people to settle their claim out of court, but for many the amount was not enough to cover their losses. The city’s failure to offer a reasonable compensation package to a large number of homeowners affected by the sewer backups motivated more than a hundred residents to contact the law firm to participate in the class action.

“These people have suffered significant losses through no fault of their own,” attorney Steven Liddle said. “They simply want to be compensated for their damages. Since the city has failed to offer adequate compensation to many victims, we will pursue their claims for them in court.”

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $25,000. The firm is urging residents affected by the sewage backups to contact their office to document their damages.

Liddle & Dubin, P.C. has represented thousands of individuals complaining of damages arising from the flooding or invasion of private property by a sewer backup.

These cases resulted in settlements where the defendants agreed to pay millions of dollars in damages. The firm also focuses on cases involving environmental contamination, governmental liability and complex consumer class actions.

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