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Through training, experience and skill, Laura Sheets has excelled and continues to excel as a litigator in one of the most critical and important legal areas: class action lawsuits.

“I joined Liddle & Dubin, P.C. (MLD) immediately after law school and hit the ground running with great training and firm mentoring,” recalls Sheets.

For more than a decade as an associate lawyer with Liddle & Dubin, P.C., she has represented thousands of people in class actions involving environmental contamination, sewage backups and consumer fraud cases. Liddle & Dubin’s reputation with clients is based on their ability to deal with each person’s needs and goals as if that person was the only client, when in fact the class action case could include hundreds – if not thousands – of clients.

“My entire practice has been devoted to protecting people’s property rights,” Sheets observed. “We help people who have had their property damaged through no fault of their own or people who cannot use or enjoy their home because a nearby facility refuses to be a good neighbor.”

Most of her class action clients initially sought help from their municipality, insurance company or their local environmental agency. Each of these clients turned to her when these resources came back with no response.

One of Sheets’ main goals is to help her immediate clients receive compensation for property damage or loss in the value of their property, but she recognizes a larger environmental need. In each of Sheets’ environmental claims, she has been able to secure significant and meaningful injunctive relief. She has ensured that the polluter puts into place improvements in their operations so that the impact of their presence is lessened for neighboring residents.

“We are proud of our results,” Sheets said. “In each of these cases, the improvements have resulted in decreased emissions that have really improved the lives of the residents and had a positive impact on the environment.”

As a dedicated attorney, who works tirelessly to achieve the best possible results, this Wayne State University Law School graduate believes communication and honesty are the essential keys to a successful client/lawyer relationship. Sheets hinted that those same traits are a necessary jumping point for ultimately winning cases.

Laura Sheets has devoted her career to positively affecting the lives of people around her. She attended Wayne State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Ultimately, however, Sheets decided that with a law degree she would be able to help more people. She graduated law school in 2001, and was admitted to practice in Michigan the same year.

Sheets is married to Scott Grippo. Together they have three children under the age of 9 years old. Despite a full caseload, this attorney makes sure she has time to spend with her family. They enjoy many outdoor activities together, like exploring the Michigan wilderness with family hikes.

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