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Strong Legal Advocates for Consumer Rights

The class action attorneys of Liddle & Dubin, PC have represented tens of thousands of individuals throughout the United States in class action lawsuits. We have successfully recovered more than one hundred million dollars on behalf of the class members we have represented, including:

  • Consumer fraud settlements for victims of fraud including illegal charges, failure to pay rebates, illegal taxes, and failure to provide insurance coverage.
  • Pollution settlements for individuals suffering from the emission of chronic odors, fallout, dust, particulate matter, kisch and/or air pollution due to the operation of landfills, rendering plants, oil refineries, paper mills, steel plants, cement plants and hazardous waste disposal facilities.
  • Sewage backups and flooding settlements for victims of neglect by governmental officials in operating wastewater treatment plants and/or governmental sewage systems which have caused flooding and sewage backups.
  • Settlements from employers who routinely violate the rights of employees or job applicants, such as through employment discrimination.

Based in Michigan, we successfully partner with co-counsel to fight for clients throughout the United States.

The Benefits of Litigating Your Claim as a Class Action

Class actions level the playing field between large corporate entities and the individual citizen. As stated by one court, the class action is a very valuable tool to the "everyday, average citizen lost and bewildered in the jungle of giants."

It is a fact that some companies and government agencies will push up to and beyond their legal rights to make more money, save money, or take the easy way out. The class action lawsuit is one of the last and most effective lines of defense in protecting the rights of everyday people. It brings together many ordinary individuals — at no cost to them — to stop the actions of massive corporate defendants where any of these individuals, alone, would not have the time or resources to protect their rights. A class action literally allows you to "fight city hall." Read more about how a class action may benefit you.

Why Choose Liddle & Dubin

History: Over 20 Years of Successful Advocacy

Our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of consumers and homeowners for over 20 years. Our work has won millions of dollars for our clients, has used the class action mechanism in groundbreaking ways, and has changed the law.

Our historic track record includes cases like Etheridge v City of Grosse Pointe Park (Foxcreek litigation) where, in 1998, partner Steve Liddle was able to end Grosse Pointe Park’s 60 year practice of dumping untreated sewage into a canal system that bordered the plaintiffs’ property. The defendant had to pay $3.8 million in monetary damages to the plaintiffs. Foxcreek was the first instance where we successfully used the class action mechanism to address neighborhood environmental concerns.

Other notable work includes our successful lobbying and grassroots campaign for the enactment, in 2002, of MCL 691.1416 et seq. (Michigan Public Act 222) which by statute allows a homeowner to file a claim for damages arising from a sewage backup. As a result of this law, in 2005, we prevailed in the Michigan Supreme Court in Pohutski v. Allen Park — a case where, before the new law was enacted, thousands of homeowners would not have been able to claim damages arising from a sewage backup. We successfully obtained settlements of almost $20 million for these homeowners, the largest settlement for damages arising from a sewage backup of which we have ever heard. Steve Liddle was named a Lawyer of the Year by Michigan Lawyers Weekly for his efforts in Pohutski.

Every case and every class member is important. But just a handful of other major cases Liddle & Dubin's attorneys have handled include the settlement for $1,750,000 in Beaushaw v Monitor Sugar Co. for damages caused by noxious odors and air pollution emitted from a sugar beet processing facility (Michigan, 2005). In Hawkins v EQ Chemical Resources we won $3,750,000 for plaintiffs exposed to an explosion at a hazardous waste processing facility (Michigan, 2007). In Liberman v. Town of Highland we won $1,950,000 in damages arising from a sewage backup (Indiana, 2011). And in Cash v. City of Rockford we won $2.5 million for victims of flooding due to a creek and stormwater sewer system that had been improperly maintained for many years (Illinois, 2013).

Mission: Enforce and Educate on Citizens' Rights

We stand up to companies and municipalities that break the law, act fraudulently, or make serious mistakes. Injustices such as data breaches, billing fraud, polluting the environment, defective products, discrimination and illegal pay practices happen at an alarming rate and frequently on a massive scale. Our government protections to investigate and prosecute such problems are underfunded, outmatched and overwhelmed. Therefore, the individual consumer citizen is left with little to no awareness of their rights or even that they have been wronged in the first place.

Liddle & Dubin dives deep to discover and investigate injustices and then uses class action lawsuits to take offenders to task, fix systemic problems, and compensate the citizens consumers who have been wronged. Firms like ours are, in effect, one of the few watchdogs left with any teeth that can stand up for our rights.

Your Rights Count

If you think your rights have been violated, you are likely not the only one. We encourage you to learn more about who we help and to contact us for a free consultation.

Class Actions.

Together, We Make An Impact

Liddle & Dubin is a class action law firm with a 20+ year history of stepping up to protect the rights of people against the misguided policies, illegal practices and egregious mistakes of companies and local governments.