Basement Flooding Victims: We Can Help!

If you recently suffered basement flooding or sewer backup, Liddle & Dubin can help.

We have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout the State of Michigan and the Midwest as a result of a sewer backup and/or basement flooding event. Due to our experience, we are intimately familiar with the cause of most sewage backups and how to acquire the evidence necessary to prove that the basement flooding was the fault of a governmental entity.

In most instances, the governmental entity charged with operating the local sewer system will claim that a sewage backup occurred as a result of an “Act of God” or extreme rain event. Based on this assertion, governmental entities almost universally refuse to voluntarily pay for the damages arising from a basement flooding incident.

However, most sewage backups are not caused by unusual rain event. They are instead caused by the negligence of the entity charged with operating the local sewer system.

In Michigan (like most other States), basement flooding victims are entitled compensation. However, Michigan basement flooding victims must file a Notice of Claim with the responsible governments within 45 days from the date the basement flooding was discovered.

If you have experience basement flooding recently and are interested in learning more about your rights, please give us a call at 313-392-0015 or 800-536-0045. You can also contact us by completing the following form.

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