MyPayrollHR Lawsuit Investigation

Liddle & Dubin, P.C.'s consumer attorneys have filed a lawsuit against Cachet Financial Services for its actions in the wake of the abrupt closure of MyPayrollHR.

Employees who have been impacted by Cachet's multiple withdrawals from their bank accounts can contact us for more information and to be kept up to date on developments in the case.

MyPayrollHR abruptly closed its offices and shut down operations. Many employees whose companies paid them through MyPayrollHR have reported having their paychecks withdrawn from their accounts by Cachet Financial Services, even multiple times over. This nightmare has caused confusion, lack of access to employee's rightfully earned income, and personal financial crises. The FBI has even initiated an investigation into the matter.

If you have been impacted by Cachet Financial Services actions, including by loss of money, overdraft fees, or the inability to make payments because of improperly withdrawn funds, you may have legal options to recover your losses. We encourage you to fill out the form below to speak with one of our experienced class action attorneys, or you may call us at (800) 536-0045. To learn more about us, visit

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Cachet Financial Services/MyPayrollHR Breaking News

It was initially reported on September 9, 2019 that thousands of people were without paychecks after MyPayrollHR folded.

It's been reported that this tragedy has impacted employees of numerous small businesses, such as a Pennsylvania home care firm with approximately 130 employees. One employee there noted that "People can't pay their rent. They can't buy food for their kids[.]" In addition to the FBI, the State of New York is investigating, with Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring that "The company's reckless actions have left employees with negative bank accounts. They deserve answers."

While another company involved in the transactions, Cachet Financial Services, has claimed that employees will ultimately receive their full pay, this remains to be seen. In the meantime, nothing has been done for those employees who have been caused to overdraft or subjected to financial emergencies.

In Maryland, employees of a church either received no paycheck deposits or had those deposits reversed.

While various governmental agencies are investigating what MyPayrollHR may have done with the money, impacted employees are advised to seek legal counsel regarding their options.

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