Hardy Animal Nutrition (Painesville, OH) Odor Lawsuit

Hardy Animal Nutrition is facing a class-action lawsuit after residents who were being inundated with odors from the facility sought help from lawyers at Liddle & Dubin, P.C.  

The facility, located at 679 Hardy Road, in the City of Painesville, is an animal feed manufacturing facility that collects oily co-products from the restaurant industry, purifies them, and turns them into animal feed, fire logs, and other products. 

Residents have, unfortunately, been dealing with odors from the facility for the past few years.  Liddle & Dubin, P.C.’s investigation revealed that the facility was cited with 10 counts of violation issued by the Painesville Township for the emission of noxious and/or offensive odors and/or fumes during in 2015.  This occurred after there were over 20 odor complaints made to Painesville Township in 2016 from residents in the adjacent community and more than 50 odor complaints made to Painesville Township in 2015.

Lawyers from Liddle & Dubin, P.C. have partnered with local lawyer Dan Petrov of the Thorman Petrov Group to pursue the case against the Hardy Animal Nutrition facility. 

Affected residents can contact Liddle & Dubin, P.C. While we cannot guarantee results in any case, our goal here is to secure compensation for residents for the nuisance created by the odors and for any negative impact the odors have had on property values.  We also hope to change the way Hardy Animal Nutrition operates its facility in order to reduce, if not eliminate, the emission of odors into the surrounding community. 


 If you have experienced odors from the Hardy Animal Nutrition facility, we encourage you to complete the Data Sheet.  You can also contact attorney Laura L Sheets at (800) 536-0045 for further information.

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