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Lawmakers Poised to Gut Law That Protects Homeowners’ Right to Sue Municipalities for Defective Sewers

Michigan residents’ could effectively lose their ability to sue their municipality when defective sewers flood their basement with raw sewage following a vote by lawmakers in the next few days Lawmakers are set to vote on Bill 5282, which would en…
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Class action law firm and personal injury Super Lawyer filed lawsuit on behalf of thousands of Flint victims

DETROIT, Feb. 17, 2016  — Today, Attorney Steve Liddle of Liddle & Dubin, P.C., a law firm that concentrates on environmental class actions, and Ven Johnson of Johnson Law, PLC, personal injury Super Lawyer, announced a federal class acti…
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How to Report a Pet Food Complaint

The illness and/or death of your family animal is a serious matter.  Should your animal experience any physical illness and/or death from the consumption of a pet food product, then you should investigate if a pet food recall is the reason behind it…
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Steps to Protect Your Right to Recovery for Basement Flooding Damages

For almost 20 years, Liddle & Dubin, P.C. has been the leader in representing victims of basement flooding. They have successfully represented tens of thousands of flood victims throughout State of Michigan and the Midwest. As a result of tha…
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Basement Flooding Victims: We Can Help!

If you recently suffered basement flooding or sewer backup, Liddle & Dubin can help. We have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout the State of Michigan and the Midwest as a result of a sewer backup and/or basement flooding e…
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Your Rights Against A Company That Fails to Protect Your Private Information

In this day and age, companies and institutions have access to your private information as part of the normal course of business.  Private data such as your social security numbers, your banking information, or your medical records are being stored…
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Help for People and Businesses Bombarded by Robocalls

If you or your office have been inundated with robocalls, robofaxes and robotexts, Liddle & Dubin, P.C. can help.  Many individuals and businesses are increasingly finding themselves on the receiving end of automatic dialing systems that inundat…
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Why Do Sewage Backups Happen?

There are 3 common causes for sewage backups. Inflow and infiltration (I/I) which is a technical term for holes or cross connections into a separated sanitary sewage system which allow rainwater to enter the separated sewage system causing pressure,…
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