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Steve Liddle is a lifelong resident of Michigan having attended Michigan State University and the University of Detroit School of Law. As the managing partner of Liddle & Dubin, PC, he has successfully represented thousands of individuals in class actions in cases involving sewage backups, air pollution and consumer fraud.

In representing his clients, Mr. Liddle will passionately utilize all legal means necessary to advance the interests of his clients. Some examples:

Fox Creek Litigation

As a young lawyer Mr. Liddle was approached by residents of the lower east side of Detroit who had complained for 60 years about sewage discharged into a canal system that bordered their property. A few residents had attempted to retain various lawyers and attended meetings but these activities had failed to cease the discharge of untreated sewage into their yards. Previous attorneys told them that it would be too expensive to litigate and that you “can’t fight city hall.” Rather than accept this decision, Mr. Liddle held numerous meetings to organize the neighborhood and filed the case as a class action. As a group, the neighbors were able “to fight city hall” and ultimately obtained 3.8 million dollars in damages and a 25 million dollar sewage system which eliminated any future sewage discharges.

Pohutski, et al v. Allen Park

In Pohutski, thousands of homeowners suffered damages arising from a sewage backup or flooding from the governmentally owned sewer system. The defendants argued that the plaintiffs’ claims were completely barred by governmental immunity. It was obvious that the Michigan Supreme Court believed that, under the then current law, claims of damages arising from a sewage backup would be barred by the doctrine of governmental immunity. This meant that, no matter how wrongful the defendant’s conduct, a plaintiff could not sue for damages caused by a sewage backup. Rather than accept this decision, we hired a lobbyist and coordinated the grass roots activities that led to the enactment of MCL 691.1416 et seq. that, by statute, allows homeowners to sue the government for a sewage backup. Mr. Liddle served as the sole homeowner representative in negotiations over the language of this legislation. As a result of the enactment of MCL 691.1416 et seq., the Michigan Supreme Court in Pohutski ruled in favor of the plaintiffs which enabled thousands of families to receive compensation caused by a sewage backup.

For his role in representing homeowners complaining of damages arising from a sewage backup, Mr. Liddle was recognized as one of Michigan’s Lawyers of the Year by Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Mr. Liddle has also helped thousands of individuals obtain compensation due to neighborhood or environmental pollution. In almost every case, he has forced the polluter to install the equipment necessary to reduce or eliminate the offensive pollution.

For example, in Waldron v. Republic Services of Michigan, the neighborhood surrounding the defendant’s landfill had complained for many years that the landfill released noxious odors into the surrounding community. Mr. Liddle retained numerous experts to review the defendant’s operation of its landfill and ultimately negotiated a settlement that not only required the defendant to pay compensatory damages but required the Defendant to spend 2.5 million dollars on the technology necessary to eliminate the release of noxious odors.

Mr. Liddle has continued to utilize the class action vehicle to advance the interests of victims of environmental policies and consumer fraud throughout the United States including a recent settlement of $1,950,000 for victims of chronic sewage backups in the Town of Highland, Indiana.

Due, in large part, to his successes in class action litigation, Mr. Liddle was also featured in Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40, an article highlighting noteworthy individuals in Michigan under the age of 40.

Mr. Liddle has served as an adjunct professor at Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law where he taught a class on class actions and complex litigation.

In addition to the Michigan state bar, Mr. Liddle is admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Liddle earned an undergraduate degree in Business at Michigan State University in 1987 and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1991.

Bar Admissions

  • State of Michigan
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of MI
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit
  • U.S. Supreme Court


  • JD University of Detroit School of Law
  • BA Michigan State University

Honors / Awards

  • Michigan’s Lawyer of the Year
  • Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40
  • Michigan Association for Justice


Adjunct Professor Michigan State University

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