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The class action attorneys of Liddle & Dubin, PC have represented tens of thousands of individuals in class actions involving a variety of environmental contamination — including air pollution, noxious odors, fugitive dust, and sewage backup or flooding — or cases involving consumer fraud. We believe that class actions level the playing field between large corporate entities and the individual citizen. As stated by one court, the class action is a very valuable tool to the "everyday, average citizen lost and bewildered in the jungle of giants."

We have successfully recovered more than one hundred million dollars on behalf of the class members we have represented, including:

  • Sewage backups and flooding settlements for victims of neglect by governmental officials in operating wastewater treatment plants and/or governmental sewage systems which have caused flooding and sewage backups.
  • Pollution settlements for individuals suffering from the emission of chronic odors, fallout, dust, particulate matter, kisch and/or air pollution due to the operation of landfills, rendering plants, oil refineries, paper mills, steel plants, cement plants and hazardous waste disposal facilities.
  • Consumer fraud settlements for victims of fraud, including illegal charges, failure to pay rebates, illegal taxes, employment discrimination and failure to provide insurance coverage.

Due to our expertise, we have successfully represented tens of thousands of clients in throughout the United States.

The benefits of litigating your claim as a class action.

Liddle & Dubin has very successfully utilized the class action mechanism in areas not commonly associated with class actions. We believe that the class action mechanism provides both political and economic advantages that allow ordinary individuals to contest the actions of massive corporate defendants and literally allows you to "fight city hall." Read more about how a class action may benefit you.

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We welcome you to contact Liddle & Dubin for a free consultation regarding your situation and how we can help. In addition to serving clients throughout Michigan, we have successfully partnered with numerous local co-counsel and have been admitted to practice law in numerous cases throughout the country. Prior to appearing in a case in a jurisdiction other than the state of Michigan it is necessary for us to receive permission from the court in that jurisdiction. Generally the rules allow us to be admitted where we partner with licensed local counsel.

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